Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Hitchens on inspiration

Hm. Large nuclear reactions and lots of potential parking space wasted by the lack of gravity. Plus rocks.
Viewed another way: "The heavens proclaim the greatness of God..."
Speaking of myths: I'm impressed by stories of Baldur the Norse god, tales on Hercules, and the stories of Job and Jonah (the first two for their quality as tall tales, the last two as parables); but if it weren't for the newer mythology of science fiction, I wouldn't give squat about space.

As I said, you can't park there.

More importantly, I would say things are only impressive in nature insofar as they impress us. And our deeds are more impressive, since we get to decide what to do - making them uniquely difficult to do correctly.*

Just for kicks - here's something we decided to do ever so long ago.

*Two points: some things are meant to be impressive (like Saturn's rings, for instance), and not being impressed by them shows a lack of sensitivity (although that's not a sin); and supernature (i.e. angels, God) are impressive by being superior in nature, whether we are impressed or not.


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