Sunday, February 11, 2007


I recommend buying this as a St. Valentine's Day gift.

Don't buy it if it's illegal in your area - not that anyone on this blog would consider buying a weapon illegally, of course...

Here at Chez Histor we have some gun violence 'issues,' as evidenced by these photos of a living-room shootout:

H. L. Crawdad shooting a World-War-II-era M1 carbine at

members of the Green Army of M-town, GWWFE (guys with weird facial expressions) division.

The crawdad got away, after putting multiple bullet holes in the jeep's transmission.

Supposedly a Humvee belonging to the Empire of Dallas got 'raptured':

Scoffers claim that it's not a humvee, it's a flashlight, a soldier, and a slice of cardboard. Furthermore, they object, if there had been a Rapture, Histor would have raptured too.

Speaking of which, Histor already knows what he wants for his birthday.