Friday, November 24, 2006

I hit a joint called Brazos de Dios today

Courtesy of the Center for Essential Education. Lessons learned from the trip:

  1. Division of Labor is not really a bad idea. I would rather do a lot of political analyzing and sell it for pottery, barley, and rope than make the pottery, barley, and rope myself. Thanks, Adam Smith.
  2. When somebody has a Scots Calvinist in his family tree, he doesn't forget it very quickly.
  3. Bluegrass music is the best.
  4. American Protestants have better religious songs than American Catholics. Gregorian chant is not American - it came from Europe.
  5. Gospel music tends to jibe well with Catholic teaching.
  6. All the same, "Amazing Grace" is still the only worthwhile Gospel song.
  7. Some people find the difference between Chocolate and Carob important.
  8. Apple cider is better than soda.
  9. Sorghum is not really for human consumption.
  10. Women are the prime beneficiaries of the Industrial Revolution. Weaving, for instance, used to take two women (somehow, never men) operating a large intricate device, weaving 1 inch of fabric every 5 minutes or so. Nowadays, machines weave hundreds of times faster.
  11. When the Bible says Goliath had a spear like a weaver's shuttle, it means it was BIG.
  12. Protestants, unlike me, use "I feel" when they mean "I decided that the best way to serve God was..."

More later - my sister is pushing me off - PUT DOWN THAT CATTLE PROD, YOUNG LADY!

Though these people sound rather like "Crunchy Cons" in my opinion.