Saturday, November 18, 2006

In Defense of this Blog

During the 1920's, someone commented that anyone who wasn't a messiah could see that America was overrun with messiahs. Nowadays, anyone who isn't a blogger can see that America is overrun with bloggers.

So why me?

Well, I have the advantage of being eldest in a large family, a "Russian War Machine" of families, in fact. (Explanatory note: Anytime a war broke out, the Russian army would take several weeks to do anything about it. My family is like that when it's time to leave the house.) This has given me a broad, well-informed outlook on life. Secondly, I have opinions about everything. There are plenty of subjects between "the Pope" and "toy soldiers fighting for Histor's house" worth looking into. Finally, people who talk with me tell me "You should have a blog, so I could get some peace every now and then instead of listening to your ramblings about whatever strikes your fancy!"

I rest my case.

Well, a little about what I am interested in, so you can guess what I'll say next. Firstly, Catholicism - its doctrine, worship, culture, and weird anomalies. Secondly, history. Anything that happened more than one week ago is in this category. Thirdly, warfare of all sorts, times, and intents. Fourthly, reading - accent on theology, philosophy, politics, and G.K. Chesterton. Thus, I'll have a wide scope of topics, and so will you.

"But," you ask, "why do you have such a silly title? Why not a proper Latin title, like "Gravitas et Bathos," or an English title, like "Histor is the best thing in the world?"

Well, criticism of my Latin is fine - "Puzzlement" doesn't have a Latin equivalent. However, like the King of Siam in The King and I, I find that life is a puzzlement, and "Is a puzzlement" was too unoriginal. Translated into Latin, it's what it is.

I end with a quote from the aforementioned play (modified due to my religious imperialism):

If milord in heaven, Jesus, show the way
Every day I try to live another day!
If milord in heaven, Jesus, show the way
Every day I do my best for one more day -
A Puzzlement!

Exit King and Orchestra.