Sunday, January 7, 2007

Writing in Yodaspeak

Due to this, The Dreamer suggested this. Now I'm playing about with it.

Mulier Fortis speaks Yodish:

To patronising pc nerds I particularly enjoyed the graphic representation of a typical female response (Oops, sorry, caring, sharing, sensitive new-man types!) Hmmmmmm.

Mark Shea speaks Yodish:
This act of pure cultural vandalism is caused by muslim terrorists not. Even caused by pc leftist motivated by hatred of dead white european males it is not. Caused by people operating on the basis of purely free market ideology that sees *nothing* beyond what is popular right this very second, it is. Yeesssssss.

Diogenes speaks Yodish:
To fire the shot heard round the world every jurist wants, and, in a courtroom, pull it off, any simpleton can. Give western civ the thumbs-down, all he needs to do is. Fame!

I speak Yodish:

Write an essay, I will, "Hussein's execution and Catholic doctrine,"
Explaining how the church's doctrine permits or prohibits executions, to
Saddam Hussein's execution on december 30 applying this specifically,
2006. Yes, hmmm.