Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Compare and Contrast

This by Diogenes,

And this by a commentor on CAEI who apparently worked in science and received federal grants for his work.

It seems the ideal of the detached, objective scientist, who ignores politics and debates as far as possible so he can concentrate on some aspect of science (dull or not) has been abandoned.

I'm listening to the '68 (live) version of "Folsom Prison Blues," by the way. Dunno why. It suppresses my righteous indignation something good.

Now it's "Long-legged Guitar Pickin' Man." The Cashes sang a lot of songs about marital troubles ("Cry, Cry, Cry," "Jackson," "It Ain't Me Babe," and now this one). I now know that I don't like "L-lGPM." I like "Cry, Cry, Cry," though. Even though I don't have an unreliable girlfriend, let alone adulterous wife.

Okay now, compare and contrast the first five lines with the rest of the post. Which is more entertaining? Which is more worth knowing? Which is better written? Which betrays Histor's obsession with Johnny Cash music?