Monday, April 9, 2007


Various folks got to my website by an internet search over the last 100 visits, and I just feel like making comments upon them. Some searched for:

brave new family chesterton ebook - I would buy the print version, personally.

G.K. Chesterton poem calvary - Never heard of it, but it sounds interesting.

"the prayer of the frog" socrates - Socrates wouldn't be caught dead praying to some freakin' frog. Cut it out!

france nuclear doctrine - Hmmmmm. I'm guessing it's "hit Alta California, Spain, and every other wine-producing region in the world so we can establish a monopoly." It's just a guess. Then again, maybe it's this.

franky brother bad canadian border hospital blood blood - Sounds like either a big fan of "Highway Patrolman" or some autobot typed that in.

Oh well.


Just Easter Sunday I remarked to my pastor: the reason so many churches resemble gyms is that, in case of persecution, we will be accustomed to clandestine worship ("Aw, honey, I'm just going to the health club...where else would you go on Saturday morning?").