Sunday, December 3, 2006


Or so I have experienced. The Youth Group I am in had a Broadway night at our house on Saturday, in which various skits from Broadway plays were performed. I featured as the King of Siam in an altercation with Anna (played by my sister). There were several other skits, then chitchat. Some fine piano was played, too.

Then everyone left and I was depressed.

From the "Watch what you say" folder:

I have a SAT prep CD, which disappeared some time ago. When I told mom it was lost, she said, "YOU BETTER FIND IT QUICK, THEN!" Seconds later, I checked under the table in my room - and there it was.

From the "Is this wierd or what?"

Check this link out - if you want to wonder "so, how do you pierce a thigh with a stiletto, anyhow?"

***Mental Break***

Time to get coherent. Much has changed since Saturday, when I started this post. Advent. Change from "testing" mode to "standard study" mode in homeschool. Discovering that homeschoolers can dramatize their Spanish vocabulary if they want, or study Latin in the driveway. Suddenly growing a hankering for a "Fiddler on the Roof" CD. (How odd that St. Nicholas' day is almost here...) Discovering that visiting 100 websites in a day is very, very, bad for your school, and adjusting accordingly. And all that kind of guff.

Now for some pontification.

I figured out why we hate skunks. They resemble mankind too closely. "Smelly, bad company, and oddly colored" would be a good description of the human race.

It would seem that democracy means government of the people for the rich by the donors. Or maybe I'm just cynical.

For Advent this year, I am going to read a Douay-Rheims Bible and agonize over the nonstandard names. Here are some samples:


And worst of all...



Nah. Just drop sweets.

Well, time for dinner. GBYASYA!

{1} "Aedam,"Eave," "Jaisus," and "Mariey" were considered when the Jesuits at Douay, Belgium translated it in the 1500's, but space required that they delete the extra letters.