Saturday, December 23, 2006

Safety Tips for Christmas

First off, don't get stuck on the Christmas Tree, like Dangler Roberts...

Or drink more than your body mass, like Rab D. Teufelhundt here did...

Or put face-paint on your face while standing on a beer bottle, like [censored by U.S. Army]...

Or try to discover the True Meaning of Christmas by shooting people, like November the Masked Rebel has done...

Or let Dom get near you with his [censored by Dad] digital camera, like the Cat in the Hat* and Balthasar here did.

Secondly, do not get too freaked (unless your son is BLOGGING when he's not supposed to).

Thirdly, try and remember that the idea is to celebrate God's birth.

Fourthly, read this from Chesterton's The Everlasting Man:

"No other birth of a god or childhood of a sage seems to us to be Christmas or anything like Christmas. It is either too cold or too frivolous, or too formal and classical, or too simple and savage, or too occult and complicated. Not one of us, whatever his opinions, would ever go to such a scene with the sense that he was going home. He might admire it because it was poetical, or because it was philosophical, or any number of other things in separation; but not because it was itself."

*The Cat in the Hat is still sober - he has high alcohol resistance.