Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Christmas Wish List

Mostly books. If anyone wants to give me some *dons greedy grin* let me know.

The Bridge over the River Kwai (note the "over")
Fighting the War on Terror
The SAS Fighting Techniques Handbook
FN's FAL rifle

Lessons in Jigging, Waltzing, and Capering

Richard Dawkins to Stop Making Things Up (just so you know, a "multiverse" sounds like something Frank Herbert should have written about)


The Republic of Texas to control every inch of this planet, so we won't have to worry about this nonsense. (Dear Mr. Gates: We are either "winning" or "losing." If not the former, then the latter.)

But we'll apply the Principle of Subsidiarity, so don't worry.
Looking back over this list, I remember that the work ethic is one of the best things about America, and...you know what that leads to. So you are under no obligation, serious or otherwise, to get me this huge mess of stuff.

By they way, check out this book recently released by Somebody:


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