Friday, December 8, 2006

What happened on Dec. 7 and more

Apologies for not posting this earlier, but a) I got home late yesterday and b) I'm not going to miss posting about December 7th.

First, we passed a gas station returning from Vigil Mass. It was not required to have a flag, and I doubt that anyone outside of a war zone needs a flag large enough to hide a OH-6 under. But the flag was at half-mast - a good thing.

Second, we went to Vigil Mass. Holmes-like wits will have deduced that by now. During there our pastor said that the Virgin Mary "hates" Satan.

The reason given being that she is dedicated to "crushing his head." Now, that you can do without any hatred in your heart - assuming, of course, that you are the Virgin Mary and avoid the temptation to wishing your enemy to suffer evil.

Furthermore, Wanting Satan to suffer evil (the definition of hatred) is like wanting Ronald Reagan killed - bad for the soul and unspeakably inane. For Satan already suffers infinite evil - being a creature created for eternal union with God, he has rejected it, and can't get worse.

Wanting to thwart evil plans is not hatred - it is love of God.

Third, on Dec. 7, 1941, a force of Japanese fighters and bombers attacked the U.S. Navy base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. As a result, many men died, most of them unprepared for death or anything. Orate pro eis.

Today 65 years ago, we declared war against Germany, Italy and Japan, having already engaged in violence against the first nation - we had searched for the German battleship Bismarck, for example, and took Greenland from then-occupied Denmark - and suffered violence from the last. The Italians have not exactly been a great power since 410.

Now, for a different subject. The Indians seem to have lapsed into the sinful ways of their fathers, unfettered by the wicked English Crown & East India Company. Of course, a healthy dose of Western nihilism, materialism, and plain old selfishness is in it as well.

Time for some old-fashioned evangelization!

Another note:

Here is what a pre-modern, unenlightened, religious, bigoted culture produces as art.

In contrast, the Body Worlds show here in enlightened postmodern scientifically tolerant Dallas has corpses posed in rather unusual positions.

Well, at least Sgt. LeJeaune from Beau Geste has some company, as do the Three Musketeers - all of whom made avant-garde artworks featuring armed corpses.