Sunday, December 17, 2006

Scattershooting v2

"Besides things like the five golden rings obviously refer to the Olympics - duh."

THAT is why I like the Curt Jester.

One of the altar boys at our parish, Ray, is entering the Army on December 26. So we had a enchilada lunch at church on Sunday in his honor, as well as some group shots before Mass left off. For those, Father changed out of his You-know-what-color vestments and donned purple.

Next you know, he will call himself Gaius Paulus Caesar, Imperator Romanorum.

I figured out why Easter does not get the hoopla and fuss Christmas does in our culture. Christmas' theme can be transmuted to great religious principles like Generosity to People You Know Nothing About, Flying-in-the-face-of-reality Idealism about Family, Food, and Wasting Money on Baubles. (Not that there's anything wrong with such themes, but they're not too important.) Did I mention Religious Conversion a la Ebeneezer Scrooge, gargantuan turkey and all?

Easter, however, is unique. The only new thing under the sun, in fact. Nothing can be connected to the spectacle of Christ crushing death. Nothing there to give a warm fuzzy feeling, though. And warm fuzzy feelings sell stuff - which is why so many cookies and pies are sold under the name "Grandma's," in defiance of physics, common sense, and time constraints.